Dixon the adopted cat

Well I have really been missing having a cat. I’ve had several in the past 5 years… 2 Bengals that weren’t able to have kittens, so the breeder had them spayed and I adopted them. For those not knowing anything about the breed, they are not your usual cat. They love water and can be found playing in the water bowl. Odessa and Arizona were their names. I found 3 young cats at the farm shop where I was employed . All males. A Siamese I called Squeek… He squeeked when I picked him
up. Tripper …. He couldn’t be in the house, he didn’t use the box.. And Jasper a starving scared feral youngster that was wild… but turned into an awesome family member. They all dissapeared .. I’m thinking coyotes … Damn coyotes! I loved them all ! I adopted Dixon New years day. He was classified a stray @ the North Platte animal shelter, he’s an adult nuetered declawed Siamese and very handsome.
He was not feeling well for the first couple days. But he’s doing better today. But he seems to have behavioral issues… He uses the box if he is confined to a small room.. I.e. the bathroom.. but He left a wet spot on my bed and my couch… in my spot… is it his way of trying to establish dominance… or just that it’s a soft spot and doesn’t bother his declawed paws… so as it is now he is in time out until I can watch him the whole time he’s out.. someone suggested may a uti… we will see with time. I’m wanting him to be able to hang out with me and look out the window.. Time will tell.. : )